3Fun is a location-based mobile online dating application available for Android and iOS. It is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands, and several other countries. As of this writing, it has received over two million downloads. The application is free to download and uses geolocation to connect users in real time.

User reviews

Most 3Fun user reviews are positive. Users praise the app’s focus on finding matches for sexual encounters and find the price to be reasonable. However, some complain about the app’s unintuitive design and fake profiles. The app does offer a free option, but it is limited to basic features.

Users also complain that 3Fun has a tendency to leak personal data and location. This is not only frustrating, but also risky. It is important to be aware that the app protects your privacy. Fortunately, 3Fun has taken steps to correct this issue.

Security flaws

The 3fun app has some serious security flaws that could expose user information. Users’ locations and private photos could be exposed without the user’s knowledge. Furthermore, the app doesn’t encrypt traffic from the app to the server. This makes the app vulnerable to spoofing.

These issues are serious enough to make 3Fun unsuitable for anyone who cares about their privacy. This app is available for iOS and Android devices, but researchers have warned that its security flaws pose a serious risk to privacy. The researchers found that users’ real-time location, sexual preferences, in-app conversation history, and private photos were exposed.


VIP membership

VIP membership at 3fun allows you to use premium features on the app. This entitles you to unlimited likes and five messages a day, and gives you more control over your profile. This is particularly useful for people who are not really fond of one another. You can also set limits on who you follow and see their pictures.

If you’re interested in meeting other threesome lovers, 3Fun is a good place to meet people with similar interests. Most users aren’t afraid to post sexy pictures and profiles. However, this does mean that you may be exposed to unscrupulous users. Hence, it’s important to protect yourself.


The basic 3Fun app is completely free. It lets you register for free, match with people you like, and have conversations without having to pay a dime. However, if you want to unlock more features or boost your profile, you’ll have to pay. In addition, there are also premium features available, which cost extra.

There are a few ways to cancel your 3Fun subscription. First, deactivate your profile. This won’t cancel your subscription, but it will pause your free trial. In addition, you’ll need to enter your password and store account to cancel the trial. Second, open your Google Play Store app and sign in.

Sign-up process

The 3Fun sign-up process is simple and can be completed online or via email. To register, you’ll need to provide a valid email account, Facebook account, and mobile number. You can also link your profile to your Facebook account, which will automatically import information from Facebook into your 3Fun account.

Once you’ve joined 3Fun, you’ll need to complete your profile with as many details as possible. This is one way to avoid being rejected by other users. The 3Fun sign-up process is the same for singles and couples, except that couples have twice as many profile categories to fill out. Couples must also disclose their relationship status, which will appear as a badge on their dating profiles. Couples can download the 3Fun app and use it to sign in together. This way, all of their matches and chats will be synced.

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