Flirtual is a social virtual reality dating app for VR users that matches them based on similar interests and preferences. Like the traditional dating apps, users create profiles and upload avatar pictures to attract others. They are also asked questions like their sexual orientation, whether they’ve experimented with VR before, and whether they’ve tried any social VR apps.


Flirtual’s members are typically in their thirties and are mostly from the United States. This service is especially popular with digital natives, especially young people. The average Flirtual member is 71% male, although there is some variation among gender and sexuality. Members must accept the site’s terms of service to join – is friendly flirt legit.

Flirtual offers a safe, low-stress environment where users can fully express themselves. The avatar-based environment creates a relaxed atmosphere where users can mingle and get to know each other. The platform also features a customizable matchmaking system that allows users to meet and interact with each other in any VR application. Users can meet up in a VRChat room or meet in Horizon Worlds or Zenith, depending on their preferences.

Flirtual is a social virtual reality dating app that helps users find matches based on similar interests and arrange meetups within VR spaces. While online dating is not new, Flirtual has made it easier for users to connect in a virtual reality environment. In many cases, users are forming real relationships.

Nevermet has helped create 200,000 new relationships in the metaverse. The app lets users chat with their loved ones within the virtual world. There are many benefits to using Nevermet. The site allows users to chat with loved ones via video chats and text messages. However, the dating app isn’t for everyone.

Flirtual is a virtual dating app for gamers that use the Nevermet metaverse. The user interface is similar to Bumble and Tinder, but it does not feature metaverse destinations. Instead, it is a traditional smartphone application for virtual-reality enthusiasts. The app is free to download and uses a virtual avatar to display profiles on the platform.

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